With the April showers almost past for 2017, it’s a good time to introduce a new season of flying fun for our Lanier Flight Center friends and family…

We’re busy expanding our operations to make it easier than ever for you to reach your aviation goals! By adding several skilled Certified Flight Instructors and friendly Operations Team personnel at both locations, we are maintaining high LFC standards while increasing our availability. Our rock-solid state-of-the-industry Maintenance Team is growing with us, and continues to be the reason we provide the safest, most dependable fleet. Also, we are excited to announce that the process has begun to add new aircraft to the fleet of our growing charter operation, Lanier Flight Express, and we are fortunate to have wonderful additions to our charter crew. Stay tuned for more details!

At our PDK location, our manager Brian Bera and crew are working to relocate our offices to the Epps side of the field just beneath the Downwind. Not only will we be closer to our fleet, we will be easier to find. So, stop by in May to experience our new hangout!

With springtime’s longer periods of daylight providing more opportunities to train, we are adjusting our hours to serve your needs. Lanier Flight Center is your school; we are your crew. Ready to help you achieve your mission and view the horizon where it was meant to be…

Where Your Dreams Take Flight!

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