At Lanier Flight Center, we are always looking for the best answer to meet your flying needs. We value your time, so we maintain on-site amenities like FAA testing and FAA airmen physicals. Because partnering in your mission is our ultimate goal, we offer everything from flight training and charter, to aircraft management and aircraft sales. We are always listening to you, our valued customer, and we are excited about launching another solution for your aviation goals.
Beginning this week, Lanier Flight Center is offering flight training under FAA Part 141 authority. This hard-won certification also opens the possibilities of co-curricular affiliations with institutions of higher learning. Also, in the time allowed by the VA, we will begin the process to receive approval to honor our men and women who have served our country by accepting the GI Bill for advanced rating flight training.
We look forward to continued growth with you, and especially enjoy the celebrations of each achievement along the way. Thank you for being the reason we fly!

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